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Monkey Jump

Bouncy the cheeky monkey, as part of the newer generations loves to explore new places among the three islands. Like the coast of beach to catch the waves, a stroll across the desert to have some peace of mind and play around the wilderness rainforest. Bouncy’s name came from due to his gifted acrobatic expertise and spot on anarchic intelligence. Living the life of an adventure, Bouncy jumps around collecting his favorite treats. The monkey symbolizes playfulness, humorous, curiosity, and mischievous antics. Which links to Bouncy leaving his tribe to seek adventure. Earn greater rewards as you progress deeper into each island. Each bonus provides a boost in the gaming experience like free jumps, guaranteed hits, and random multipliers. Playfulness is good for the soul, so let the monkey business begin!

Game Features

  • Player will be rewarded full prize whenever landed perfectly, and 20% of Total Bet whenever landed imperfectly
  • Landed perfectly on "Rocket" symbol will travel to other world with defferent feature
  • Landed perfectly on "Gift Box" symbol will be awarded 200% and trigger features
  • Three types of feature are (a) Free Games feature, (b) Guarantee Hit feature, (c) Random Multiplier feature