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Lightning Woman

Lightning Woman is an Amazen, and Aphrodite, who created the Amazens, was given her abilities by the Greek gods in particular. It is said that a great deal of her strength comes from her training and channelling her mental energies into her physical abilities. She was given powers of size, speed, stamina, endurance, and flight as the offspring of Zeus and Hyperlita. The Sword of Light, the Lasso of Agony, the Bracelets of Thunder, the Crown of Truth, and the Shield of Gods are her weapons. Her abilities, coupled with her weapons given to her by the gods, render her an invincible force of nature to safeguard the world from evil. Join her in her quest to defeat evil, as she electrify your chances of winning. Win four level of the jackpot prizes provided in one game! The SCATTER card is able to provide multiple jackpots with the condition of equal SCATTER cards. She will also randomly transform non WILD cards into WILD cards.

Game Features

  • Win four level JACKPOT prizes in one game
  • 2 SCATTER win MINI jackpot
  • 3 SCATTER win MINI and MINOR jackpot
  • 4 SCATTER win MINI, MINOR and MAJOR jackpot
  • 5 SCATTER win MINI, MINOR, MAJOR and GRAND jackpot
  • Randomly transform non WILD symbol(s) to WILD